MAximize your Profit Through Mini Sessions So that you can regain your Time To do the things you love 

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count me in!

count me in!

 Are you tired of taking on too many sessions to reach your profit goal? Are you tired of responding to multiple emails a day coordinating sessions? Are you ready to maximize your profitability through mini sessions? 

I consistently make $24k+ each year in the Fall Season ALONE from mini sessions and you can too. 

Been there. Done that.

Feeling burnt out in your photography business? 

It was the moment my son took his first breath and I knew time was already moving too fast. I started my photography business not long after and knew I didn't want to spend a moment away from him. My photography business grew, my baby grew, and before I knew it we were welcoming our 2nd little one. Two under two - a house full of joy-filled chaos and more midnight work sessions than I'd like to admit. 

I was burnt out. Tired. Almost gave up because juggling family sessions and a family of my own was overwhelming. Then I pivoted into mini sessions and everything changed. I was making more than I was before, only working 1-2 days a month.

It all began with a cry...a cry that warmed my heart and moved me to tears all at the same time. 

I need help today!

It's been a gift to capture so many other family's memories while also creating so many of my own with my family. It's been the perfect balance, allowing me to provide financially for my family while also being present and being the primary caregiver to our kids. 

Whether it's your kids that are calling you full-time or another passion, mini sessions are the perfect balance for anyone who has an already full life.


if i can build a thriving business while changing diapers and enjoying beach days with me kids, so can you!

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You've tried posting on social media, boosting posts, and showing up in peoples DM's but you're still not selling out. I've been there. You're feeling defeated and overwhelmed, wondering if a bigger follower count would be the secret sauce. I'm here to tell you that you really don’t need a huge social media following to have successful mini sessions. 

But you just aren't seeing traction?

You're doing #allthethings

Allowing you to maximize your profit and spend more time doing the things you love.

Streamline your entire booking process for and excellent client experience that is hands off for you

Bring in an extra $24k+ annually by offering only 1-2 mini session days a month

Sell out your mini sessions EVERY MONTH

You can have sold out and streamline mini sessions through strategic pre-launch content. 



Say goodbye to working every weekend and weeknights. Replace or supplement your income with 1-2 mini sessions days a month


If you want to

Streamlining your bookings allows you to maximize your profit through automated systems that book, collect retainers, sign contracts, and provide detailed information emails to your clients. Sit back while your systems provide an unforgettable client experience


If you want to

You can boost your profit an extra $24k+ annually by offering only 1-2 mini session days a month!

MAKE AN EXTRA $24k+/year

If you want to

Bring in an extra $2k-$7k a month through sold out mini sessions


If you want to

sell out (and streamline)

In just six weeks

Imagine consistently bringing in $2k/month from ONE day of mini sessions. What would you do with your extra time and money? Spend time with your family? Enjoy a new hobby? Save for a down payment, tuition, or fun trip? Buy organic groceries? no matter the answer, it's time for a change.

what if, two months from now, your life could look entirely different?

Are you ready for things to finally change?

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-Steffanie brown photography

Going into my first mini session season, I was terrified. Until I took this course. SKP makes it really user friendly and goes step-by-step the process from beginning to end. She brings in insight into what makes a mini session appealing to your clients, in-depth in setting up the back end, marketing it to your clients, and has amazing troubleshooting issues that I know I’ll probably run into within the season. Her templates are included and makes it so easy to plug-in my information. I was holding off on my sessions just because I didn’t know how and after taking the course, I was able to within a few days while being a stay at home mom. Thanks SKP! You made my first season setup go flawlessly!

REVIEW NO. 1 of 2

- anamaria casta photo

Wow! I cannot believe how user friendly and in-depth this course is! Many of the courses I’ve taken only provide some of the resources necessary to get started but Sarah Kate has provided literally EVERYTHING to make the process of getting my minis going so smooth. Her already written emails, descriptions, and style guide are the icing on the cake. I’ve never taken a course with so many incredible bonuses. 12/10 recommend if you’re looking to run mini sessions with an amazing client experience that takes a fraction of your usual time!

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IMMEDIATE AND LIFETIME ACCESS to online training that walks you through everything you need to know to have sold out & streamline minis

TEMPLATES & TRAINING to effortlessly provide an outstanding Client Experience, ensuring clients return time and time again.

Strategies for MARKETING to confidently promote your business via social media, email, and Facebook ads

Detailed guidance on how to AUTOMATE AND STREAMLINE your bookings in my preferred booking platform


Everything - and i mean everything - you need to get your mini sessions running, Streamlined, and SOLD OUT! Step-by-step instructions, written-for-you templates, style guides, and more!

This Course Includes

MINI SESSIONS WORKFLOW: everything you need to know to prepare for your sessions, during your sessions, and after your sessions

This Course is for you if... 

on the fence?

Bonus #1: 19 Email Templates for all your client communications
Bonus #2: Free Style Guide 

Oh, and let's not forget the bonuses...

• You're ready to grow your audience organically 
• You want to elevate your client experience
• You're ready to streamline your booking process 
• You're eager to utilize Facebook and Instagram Ads effectively
• You're feeling like you're mini sessions are falling flat time and time again

I'm In! SIgn me up!

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  • What is a mini session and why they're perfect for maximum profitability
  • Growing your audience organically without paid ads
  • Pricing your mini sessions for maximum profit without having to upsell


course outline / 

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  • Setting up your booking account for a streamline and hands off booking process
  • Already written for you mini session descriptions + Email Templates for your client communications 
  • Create a scroll stopping booking page in minutes
  • Integrate your calendar, email communications + Meta Pixel with your booking software

streamline BOOKINGS

course outline / 

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  • Adding + Segmenting your Audience
  • Create an Opt-In Form
  • Warming up your audience through a Nurture Sequence with already written for you email templates
  • Scheduling your launch emails with proven marketing strategy and email templates that book


course outline / 

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  • Prepping for your minis
  • The Mini Session Posing System 
  • Culling Efficiently
  • Organizing your photos in a way that allows you to work effectively
  • Editing + Delivering your galleries


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  •  Integrating your pixel with your booking site for maximum effectiveness
  • Overview of the different types of Ads and how to use each one
  • How to find your warmest audience
  • Learning how to reach 15,000+ potential clients each month for as little as $5/day 

facebook ADS

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You will need to have at least a basic level of photography and are looking to bring in $24K+ annually from working 1-2 mini session days a month, this course is for you!

How do I know if this course is a good fit for me?

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Definitely not! This course goes step-by-step through each section. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned photographer, I will go over everything you need to know in order to have profitable and streamline mini sessions!

If I'm a beginner, will this be over my head? 

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