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As a photographer, it’s common to offer an array of photography services such as wedding, engagements, and family photo sessions. Apart from the session, it is quite common to have photographers offer additional services such as album printing, canvas printing, or even upsell extra photos. In the past, I would offer these additional services to increase my revenue, but with time, I realized I didn’t enjoy the process of “Upselling” and decided to do away with it. In this post, I’ll be sharing why I made that decision.

It’s not fair to clients.
Most photography sessions take considerable time and effort to complete. As such, clients expect to receive a high-quality product that matches the price they paid. Trying to upsell extra photos after the session feels like a bait and switch technique. Clients often feel that they have completed the session and paid their owed dues. Upselling extra services or images can make clients feel cheated or taken advantage of. By not upselling extra photos, clients can rest assured that they’ll receive quality pictures for the price they were charged.

Creates Unnecessary Pressure
Upselling to clients also puts unnecessary pressure on them. If a client is given additional photos that weren’t part of their package, they may feel obliged to purchase them. Even if they don’t necessarily need them or don’t have the budget, they may feel obligated to purchase them. As a result, clients may feel forced into purchasing extras, which can leave the client with an overall bad experience.

Transparency is important
In my opinion, transparency is key in running a successful photography business. By being clear on pricing and package details, clients can know what to expect before their session. When you upsell to clients a week or a month after the session, you can dampen the trust and transparency developed with clients, leading them to mistrust future interactions with your business.

Less Stressful Workflow
Not upselling photos after a photo session allows me to enjoy my workflow more. I understand my clients, their expectations, and budget based on the package they have chosen. Because I don’t upsell, I’m able to reduce the time I spend editing pictures and responding to requests for additional services. This eases workflow stress and allows me to focus on providing the best service to my clients… without the pressure of having to sell them something.

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There are valid reasons why upselling photos after a photo session may not be optimal for both clients and photographers. As a photographer, it’s essential to develop sustainable practices that cater to clients’ expectations, build trust, and create a long-lasting relationship. Not upselling photos after the session allows me to provide quality pictures without creating unnecessary pressure for my client. By remaining transparent in my pricing, clients know what to expect, reducing potential for client discomfort or mistrust. Ultimately, I believe offering a clean and straight forward service, without upsells, is beneficial to clients and the photographer.

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